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A banana smoothie can be a delicious breakfast that can be suitable for the hot summer. Some people have two glasses of this for breakfast which makes them full and content till lunchtime.

Here's the recipe for one glass :

1 medium-size ripe Banana

1/2 cup water

1/8 inch fresh ginger

1 or 2 fresh curry leaves ( optional)

2 or 3 peppermint leaves (optional)

8 to 10 raisins ( soaked overnight )


2 to 3 dates

A pinch of Himalayan pink salt

Blend all the above in a blender and enjoy.


An adequately ripe banana though heavy in nature is cooling and increases electrolytes in the body. An overripe banana ( when the skin turns from yellow to brownish-black) can be heaty for the body, increase Pitta and may cause loose stools)

Bananas are a great way to electrolyze your body, especially during the hot summer months. They may be helpful for a remedy for muscle cramping and to calm an irritated digestive system. Ayurveda says that banana fruits are like " Amrit" ie Nectar and are a panacea to the body. Bananas should be avoided by a person who has a weak digestive fire ( Agni ). Bananas may be useful during bouts of gastritis, constipation, and bloating and burning sensation. They are not recommended during cold, cough, and asthma.

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