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Mandāgni - Slow and Dull Digestive Fire | Yoga of Eating

Mandāgni is associated with excess Kapha ie the water and earth elements. In excess, Kapha tends to make the Agni ie Digestive fire sluggish, slow and dull and makes the food passes through the digestive tract very slowly.

The following are some of the signs of Mandāgni :

• White coating on the tongue.

• Heaviness and lethargy after eating.

• Overall grogginess , sluggishness, lack of motivation and enthusiasm.

• Excessive attachment, greed and possessiveness.

• Desire for excessive sleeping.

• Excessive salivation, nausea, hypertension.

• Hyperglycemia, diabetes, hypothyroid, excess weight and obesity.

Balancing Mandāgni :

- Eat a diet mostly of light, spicy, bitter foods

- Eliminate processed sugar

- Drink warm beverages ie warm water, herbal teas etc. Be careful not to overhydrate

- Avoid snacking between meals. Have three square meals a day. Make your lunch the main meal and have smaller breakfast and dinners.

- Get plenty of exercise.

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