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Table salt or Himalayan Pink salt ? | Yoga of Eating

Salt in moderation is vital for our life. It is also without a doubt one of the world's most important and used cooking ingredients. Most of the world's salt supply is from the sea or by evaporating seawater.

Salt is a crystalline mineral that consists of two elements ie Sodium and Chloride. Most of the sodium intake in the western diet is from eating salt contained in processed foods. In excess amounts, salt can also raise blood pressure.

Many of us use refined table salt. This type of salt is refined to the extent that the companies remove not only the impurities but also the minerals from the salt.

A popular option is Himalayan pink salt. It is estimated that this salt may contain up to 84 minerals and trace elements not found in regular table salt. This salt is mined from salt mines believed to have formed millions of years ago. due to the evaporation of ancient bodies of water.

Himalayan pink salt is minimally processed, free of additives, and a much more natural option as compared to table salt.

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