Yoga Of Eating

"The body is the result of food. Disease is the result of food. The difference between ease  and disease is the intake of wholesome nutrition or the lack of it " 


          Ayurvedic Proverb

Meet Kartikeya Talreja

I am a certified Ayurvedic nutritionist and lifestyle coach. Ayurveda is one of the oldest health systems in the world which originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Ayurveda believes that most diseases originate with imbalances in the digestive system. I guide my clients who are suffering from digestive issues by educating them to eat a healthy whole plant-based diet, spices, herbs and to adopt a healthy lifestyle using the principles of Ayuveda.

Ms JS, Birmingham, UK

My gratitude to Kartikeya Talreja🙏

Thank you coaching me through what was an extraordinary experience of my mind, body and soul. I am grateful for the opportunity universe gifted me. It has been a realization on how we deprive ourselves and fuel it according to what's available and time. 
You helped me analyze myself and gradually got me to understand how important it is to nurture your body type so that it syncs in perfect harmony and responds to you. My aches and pains gradually disappeared and this was my turning point. The process helped me connect to nature which is so essential to enjoy life. This experience has been rediscovering yourself and welcoming a new you. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed the recipes and learnt new dishes. It's great to connect with nature, my mind, body and soul had yearned for this. Treating your body is like driving a vehicle and I believe it deserves better and you taught me to treat it like a luxury vehicle instead.

Recipes & Tips 


Ginger in Ayurveda is called Vishwabhesaj ie the Universal medicine. Its excellent for using with difficult to digest foods such as beans , chickpeas, broccoli etc to make them easier to digest, add flavor and reduces / eliminates flatulence . One of its most beneficial qualites is to kindle the Agni or the digestive fire . It also helps in the removal of toxins, gives relief in joint pain and boosts the immune system 

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