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I have been under Kartikeya’s guidance for 2 months now.  During this period I have experienced a lot of amazing changes in my digestion, physical well being, immunity and also in my mental and emotional well being as well.
Kartikeya is very knowledgeable not only in the science of Ayurveda but also supplements the changes he advises with positive affirmations and a keen understanding of how the human mind and body works and reacts. Being a non vegetarian enthusiast my entire life, I didn’t think it would be possible to implement a plant based diet. However Kartikeya’s ability and patience to explain in depth the reason behind why certain food groups are good or bad for you made me want to implement a fundamental change in my diet. Under Kartikeya’s guidance I have felt empowered with a deeper understanding of my body and diet.
I am extremely grateful to him for guiding me towards an internal health revolution and educating me on how to lead a balanced healthy life. Thank you Kartikeya!


Birmingham, UK

My gratitude to Kartikeya Talreja🙏

Thank you coaching me through what was an extraordinary experience of my mind, body and soul. I am grateful for the opportunity universe gifted me. It has been a realization on how we deprive ourselves and fuel it according to what's available and time. 
You helped me analyze myself and gradually got me to understand how important it is to nurture your body type so that it syncs in perfect harmony and responds to you. My aches and pains gradually disappeared and this was my turning point. The process helped me connect to nature which is so essential to enjoy life. This experience has been rediscovering yourself and welcoming a new you. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed the recipes and learnt new dishes. It's great to connect with nature, my mind, body and soul had yearned for this. Treating your body is like driving a vehicle and I believe it deserves better and you taught me to treat it like a luxury vehicle instead.

P Singh


I have been suffering from various illnesses from the age of 5. Though conventional medicine helped my conditions to a great extent, it never promise to complete heal and cure me. My doctors heavily relied on the assistance of strong medications that had severe side effects and told me there was no end to this, that the remainder of my life would be this way, in a compromised state. Presently, my main troubles with health are an auto-immune illness, chronic kidney disorder, atopic dermatitis, and hypertension. I’m only 21 years old and take over 12 tablets a day which my doctors say will continue for the rest of my life. Their verdict of my state is that the best bet is to have my health be stable at this stage and not deteriorate further. 

I’ve been under the guidance of Mr. Kartikeya Talreja for a short span of 2 months now. In this period, my blood pressure medicines have reduced from 5 tablets a day to 2. I have never felt this positive regarding my health state before and this change in my list of medicines, though small in itself, is a huge step towards sizable betterment for me. It gives me great hope of being illness free and not reliant on an umpteen number of drugs one day. Beyond this, Mr. Talreja is the first person in several years post a long list of doctors, healers, and other individuals who tried to help me, who with conviction has said that there is a strong possibility of me having an ordinary life, where I have no restrictions on how to live, what I can/cannot do, and what I am permitted to eat. Being ordinary and just like anyone else my age seemed only a wild fantasy to me growing up but today I can see that it turn into a reality. I’m extremely grateful to Mr. Talreja for showing me this possibility and enabling me to achieve it.

A Recent Client


Hi Kartikeya, just wanted to share that I noticed a big difference in my menstrual cycle this month. Usually I get mild stomach pain and a dull very stiff ache in my lower back also some cravings for certain foods. This month I have felt absolutely nothing! No back pain at all, no cravings!.

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