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Amlaki | Yoga of Eating

Amalaki fruit is derived from the word "Amla" which means "sour". Amalaki is also called Dhatri which means "nurse" or "mother" out of reverence to the remarkable healing properties of this fruit.

Many people prefer the fresh juice over eating the fruit due to its sour taste. In such as case, it's best to consume the fiber along with the fruit juice ie make a smoothie instead of juicing it.

Do follow the method stated below :

Ingredients :

One or two seedless chopped Amalaki fruits

Mild lukewarm water

Himalayan pink salt/ Rock Salt


In a blender, add some mildly lukewarm water, the seedless chopped Amlaki slices, some mineral salt, and blend.

Not only will you get all the goodness of amlaki but also of its fiber.

Ayurvedic* Nutrition suggests that we consume all six tastes in every meal. Amalaki is unique because it has five out of six tastes ie astringent, sweet, salty, bitter, and pungent. If we add the sixth remaining salty taste via mineral or pink salt, it not only gives an electrolyte boost to the system but also enhances the therapeutic qualities of Amalaki.

Adding salt and warm water will also be more suitable for people who tend to get dry skin due to the cold quality of Amalaki which increases the Vata** Dosha.

Adding warm water and salt not only pacifies Vata but also enhances the digestion of the Amalaki smoothie.

*Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of traditional natural healing in the world. Also known as the sister of Yoga, it stresses deeply on nutrition and lifestyle for optimal health.

**Ayurveda believes that there are three bio energies ie Vata ( Air and Ether Elements), Pitta ( Fire and Water ) and Kapha ( Earth and Water) within the body and their balance or imbalance determines the state of good or ill health .

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