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Cooking in Cast Iron could help in Anemia | Yoga of Eating

If we cook in vessels made of cast iron, some iron from the vessel seeps into the food.

This could increase hemoglobin and help people suffering with anemia.

Some of the many additional advantages of cooking in cast iron vessels are that :

a) It can change and enhance the flavor of food.

b) Cast Iron is extremely durable and can last for decades and even generations if taken care of.

c) It is naturally nonstick.

d) Cast iron is great for keeping food warm since it holds heat for a considerable length of time.

If one has a disorder that allows your body to absorb and hold onto too much iron in your blood ie hemochromatosis ,one should avoid cast iron cookware.

PS : Some vessels may not suit some people. Please do take your Doctor's advice before trying any suggestions.

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