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Cultural Wisdom | Yoga Of Eating

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Each of us carries Cultural wisdom that we have gained from our parents as well as from our ancestors which has enabled us to survive. One day, my cousin came to stay at our home with an infant baby . She left the 11 month old infant and went shopping. Post her return, a short while after breast feeding, the baby got a bout of diarrhea. When my mother investigated the matter, she realised that my cousin had eaten snacks with loads of spice in them and this is the most probable reason the baby may have got diarrhea. In India and many parts of Asia, when infants get sick, we give medication to the mother to heal the baby. Agreed that infants have poor digestive systems... but ultimately its what we eat and how we eat that matters and ultimately affects our whole being mostly beginning from balances or imbalances of our digestive system.

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