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Eliminate Sugar from your Diet | Yoga of Eating

Sugar can be addictive and apart from empty calories, has no nutrition value. A lot of processed foods contain sugar in the hidden form. Excess consumption of of sugary beverages and foods may lead to dangerous conditions such as cardiac and blood sugar related problems . Its best to consume a whole plant based diet for optimal health and well being and completely eliminate sugar from ones diet. One could look at healthier options to sweeten one's meals and desserts such as dates, raisins, and dry dates ( dry date powder is available and known as kharik in Indian stores. )

The following are the many disadvantages of consuming too much white sugar :

a) Sugar could cause weight gain b) It can be addictive c) High intake of sugar could lead to a higher risk of heart disease

d) Increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes

e) May increase the swings in blood sugar levels f) May lead to hyperactivity in children g) Maybe the cause of Fatty Liver

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