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Healing with Rose Petals | Yoga of Eating

Rose petals have traditionally been used to heal the nervous system by helping with nervous depression, calming anxiety and agitation. The Rose is also renowned to increase the qualities of love, compassion, and patience.

Roses can be useful for ulcers, acidity, heartburn as well as in excess menstrual bleeding and inflammation.

Rose petal tea is an excellent beverage for summer as it cools down the heat from the body.

Making Rose Tea : Take 2 to 4 petals and boil them in drinking water.

Rose petals have also been traditionally used for the following :

a) Apply Rose petal powder/paste of the Rose petals over wounds to aid healing.

b) Apply Rose petal powder/paste is applied to reduce excess perspiration and to cool the body.

c) Rose tea is a gentle laxative.

d) Gargle with Rose tea decoction for sore throats.

e) Rose tea is also useful to soothe irritated intestines, dryness in the mouth, excess heat in the body and acidity.

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