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Home Remedy for Belching | Yoga of Eating

Burping ( Belching ) can be due to multiple reasons ie eating too quickly, eating unsuitable foods, drinking sodas, eating gas-producing foods, swallowing air, anxiety etc. It's the body's way of expelling unwanted air from the system. Though it's best to identify and correct the prime cause of bloating, a remedy using fresh Ginger root juice and a pinch of black salt or mineral salt can be very useful.

Ingredients :

Fresh Ginger Root

Black salt / Mineral salt / Pink salt


Extract one teaspoon of ginger juice and mix with a pinch of either black salt /mineral salt / pink salt and consume.

How to remove Ginger Juice: Grate some ginger root. Put the same in cheesecloth and fold like a small ball. Keep squeezing till it gets as dry as possible.

PS : Some foods and spices may not suit some people. Please do take your Dr's advice before trying any home remedies. Please see the disclaimer on before trying or using any home remedy.

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