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The Benefits of Decluttering | Yoga of Eating

The Kapha element in me i.e. the dominance of the elements of Earth and Water makes me want to hoard things. I love to store and hold on to things both material and emotional like a lot of the people of the Kapha nature . Today I made the intention and took the time to declutter some of my space. Here are some benefits of decluttering :

• It helps you focus on your priorities.

• It enhances your decision making skills.

• It increases your level of self confidence.

• Decluttering reduces stress and anxiety

• Most importantly, decluttering helps us let go of what is not needed and this clears the stagnant energy to make space for new vibrant energy, positivity and abundance.

Important Tip : Clean the space which you choose to declutter with saline water made with sea salt. It's an amazing way to deep clean the stagnant energy of any space.

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