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The Half-Woman God

I had known Alex for over a decade, introduced through our common friend Raul. At Raul's gatherings, Alex stood out—not an ordinary man, standing at 5.4 feet with a unique appearance. Despite being married with two children, Alex's assertiveness, business acumen, and a feminine touch to his demeanor set him apart.

One day, Alex sought my advice about persistent pain on his right side. He revealed a remarkable past; he had transitioned from a woman, Alexandra, to the man he was now. A successful gender change surgery allowed him to embrace his true identity as Alex and marry his longtime girlfriend.

Investigating his case, I discovered no apparent causes for his pain. Intriguingly, a week later, Michelle, with similar traits and right-side pain, crossed my path. Astonishingly, they shared the same birthdate, year, and city—strangers yet seemingly bound by the stars.

Reflecting on my father's shared health issues with a family friend, both Librans, I wondered if Alex and Michelle's alignment was cosmic. Why the right side, though? Puzzling as it was, their similarities persisted.

In my quest for answers, I recalled a visit to Peter Hanks's Yoga studio in Los Angeles. The image of Ardhanarishwara—a deity representing the union of Shiva and Parvati, embodying both male and female energies—sparked an epiphany.

Considering the left side associated with Parvati and the feminine, I speculated if Alex and Michelle's right-side afflictions mirrored their struggle to accept their feminine selves. Ayurvedic philosophy, suggesting that diseases originate in the mind, further fueled this hypothesis.

Empowered by this revelation, I counseled both Alex and Michelle on dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and affirmations to embrace their feminine sides. A plant-based diet, stress management, and positive affirmations proved transformative.

Weeks later, Alex called, expressing gratitude for the significant improvement in his well-being. Michelle followed suit, attesting to feeling more peaceful and embracing a newfound calmness.

In the enigmatic tapestry of life, some mysteries remain hidden, only to be unveiled by nature and the universe when they choose to do so. My appeal to the universe had borne fruit, healing not just physical imbalances but also guiding two souls toward acceptance and inner peace. In the cosmic dance of stars and self-discovery, Alex and Michelle found harmony, a testament to the profound interconnectedness of our journeys.

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