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Tulsi | Yoga of Eating

Tulsi is worshiped in many part of the Indian Subcontinent.

It is useful in reducing Stress.

Helpful in reducing fevers.

Kindles the digestive fire.

Useful in Skin disorders.

Used in Respiratory disorders.

The plant is considered sacred in India ... so sacred that despite her illness, my Grandmother refused to chew Tulsi leaves during her illness as a cure.

Just inhaling the aroma of Tulsi has many benefits. 🌿

The smell of Tulsi helps with the following :

a) It invokes a sense of reassurance

b) Gives mental clarity

c) Is a great stress reducer d)Very healing with respiratory disorders

e) Tulsi increases Prana ie the Life force

f) Useful for patients of asthma and bronchitis

Overall the aroma of Tulsi is invigorating,healing and delightful.

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