Bananas Are Very Helpful for Acid Reflux | Yoga of Eating

Bananas are soft , sticky , moist ,creamy and are renowned to help soothe intestinal irritation. Anger, the heat of the Summer, intense emotions may aggravate the liver thus overstimulating bile production which in turn may irritate your intestines. This could reduce the protective mucus in the GI. Bananas could help reduce and pacify this ailment with its unctous quality. Bananas could help to stimulate mucus production in your gut, leading to an anti-acid like soothing effect for the digestive system. Note : According to Ayurveda, Bananas are a heavy fruit to Digest. It's best to take them with some lime and / or ginger or cardamom to make them easier to digest. You can also try the recipe of the Banana Smoothie on our blog under the Healthy Recipes Section. It makes a delicious breakfast.

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