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Eat Unprocessed Food | Yoga of Eating

One should eat food that is closest to it natural state ie least processed. One should prefer brown rice over white rice, whole wheat flour over white flour etc.

If you notice insects in your kitchen storage you may notice that even they prefer whole foods such as brown rice over white rice as they know that the level of nutrition is higher.

When you transit to say brown rice over white rice, you will notice that you will feel fuller and more satiated for longer with a smaller quantity of whole grain as compared to processed grain as the level of fiber as well as nutrition will be higher.

More has changed in the human diet in the last 100 years compared to the last 10,000 years or more and the effects of it are so bad that it has started affecting our children and their health. Due to a processed food diet, many children today are overfed but grossly undernourished.

Eat whole plant based food and Stay healthy!

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