Generalized Body Ache is a Sign of Toxins or Ama in the Body According to Ayurvedic Wisdom

General aches & pains are often a sign of ama or toxic buildup in the body. Ama is the toxic undigested, unmetabolized waste that may accumulate in the body if a weak Agni or digestive fire is unable to process and eliminate it. According to Ayurveda, Ama or toxins is the root cause of all disease in the body. In due course of time, ama may spread in the body and can often clog channels leading to specific signs and symptoms such as sluggishness, poor circulation , swelling as well as generalized aches and pains. Drinking warm water throughout the day , eating unprocessed food , eating Organic, fresh food , keeping away from environmental toxins, chewing food really well are some of the ways in which one could detoxify oneself.

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