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How the Universe helps heal

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration " Nikola Tesla.

In my early twenties...I suffered from a very acute problem of sensitivity to light ( photophobia ) ..The problem was so bad that from being a voracious reader , I reached a stage where I could not even read a few pages because my eyes would hurt. I could go out in the day time with a lot of difficulty only wearing sunglasses...I had to even put the darkest shades/ curtains in my office cabin so that no light would seep in..I could only be comfortable in the lowest electric light ie a zero or a 25 watt bulb..My head would be constantly heavy and my eyes has a pressure on them always in the day. The only time I had relief when the sun would set and at night time . Life was miserable as no Dr was able to diagnose or treat me...In time, I did take help from a homeopathic Dr which did help me a lot but not completely. One of my family friends was diagnosed with cancer and it was then that I had the good fortune to meet a remarkable man who was my first Guru in herbal medicine.He offered his services as a free humanitarian service for all who needed them.He was truly gifted......I would learn from him and help heal people which I always did as a hobby through herbs , kitchen remedies etc... .

One day I met a vedic astrologer who saw my birth chart and accurately mentioned that I had problems with my eyes . She said that no Dr would be able to cure me completely and the only remedy was that I pay for poor and needy people who have eye problems ideally similar to mine... and the Universe would take care me completely...Surprisingly, I realized that unknowingly, with my hobby of helping people heal , I was completely cured....Perhaps I was tuning into the frequency , energy and vibration of the Universe. It is one of life's greatest mystery indeed...

PS : Over the years when asked, I have often advised people to share, gift, donate cruelty free ( whole plant based ) foods to homeless people, poor kids, families in need . The attitude should be of gratitude and without expectation. In India, there is a phrase in Sanskrit which says " Anna Daan, Maha Daan" which means that the giving of food is one of the biggest and most significant forms of charity....

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