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a) Some brands like Kellogg's Honey Smack contain as much as 56 grams of sugar in every 100 grams of cereal, a whooping 56 % !!!!. Many cereals also add High Fructose Corn Syrup ( HFCS) as well as glucose over and above refined sugar. Sugar in excess is linked to Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Depression, Accelerated Aging, Fatty Liver and more

b) Many breakfast cereals including Kellogg's contain an antioxidant E320.The state of California as well as U.S. National Institutes of Health report that BHA is anticipated to be a human carcinogen ie it may cause cancer. E 320 is also used in rubber, petroleum products and wax food packaging.

c) Many breakfast cereals contain partially hydrogenated oils which contain trans fats which are linked to Cancer, Immune problems and heart disease

d) Some breakfast cereals contain Soy Lecithin, which is often obtained from GMO soy and may contain toxins. It's processing often involves and leaves traces of hexane. Even the residue of Hexane may be a carcinogen and neurotoxin

e) Many breakfast cereals are made using the "Extrusion" method in which the grains are exposed to a very high temperature and pressure which not only changes the very nature of the grain but also destroys the nutrients. This is the reason why the cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

f) Even though breakfast cereals contain refined grains and lots of sugar, they are labelled as healthy to mislead us into buying them.

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