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Jal Neti | Yoga of Eating

Jal neti or Water Neti is the process of cleansing your nasal and sinus passages using warm water with some salt using a neti pot . It's a must in today's day and age where the quality of air is getting poorer by the day due to pollution. Jal Neti helps to clean the nasal passages which allows us to breathe better, take in more oxygen which in turn not only relaxes us but will also deeply enhance the quality of our lives. One must do Jal Neti on an empty stomach once or twice a day ie early morning and before going to bed. Jal Neti is very useful for helping with sinusitis, migraines, allergies and helps a person think more clearly. Jal Neti before bed time also helps with sound sleep. Taking long and deep breaths enhances one's health and increases longevity. By cleaning our nasal passages we can improve the quality of every breath we take Once you experience it and do it regularly, your life will never be the same again. Note : You can start by adding about 1/4 teaspoon of salt to about 250 ml of luke warm water. You can try increasing or decreasing the amount of salt till you realise what suits you.Neti must always be done on an empty stomach or a few hours after the evening meal . You can check videos on Youtube for the correct technique to do Jal Neti. Also, the correct posture is important as it will help one do the jal neti comfortably. If incorrectly done, some water could even go inside the nostrils and cause discomfort.

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