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Meditation is a great practice to be done throughout the year, especially in the Vata season ie the Fall/ Autumn. It's always great to enhance the practice of mantra meditation or even start one. There are thousands of mantras which can be used but there are few that are looked up with great respect and the "Sohum" mantra is one of them.

The Sohum mantra meditation is looked up by Yogi's with great reverence. Some people even find it easier to chant as it's easier to coordinate with the breath. If you remove the "S" and "H" from the word " Sohum", what you get is "OM". Sohum mantra is considered to be a different variation of Om itself.

𝗠𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗱: Sit in any comfortable posture. Inhale while silently chanting the word " SO " and exhale and chant the word " HUM" . The word SOHUM has to be repeated/ chanted silently .

Start with 10 minutes and increase practice to 30 minutes or more in due course of time.

There are many benefits of mantra meditation. Some of them are :

• Mantra meditation can help to ground a scattered, anxious and agitated mind.

• Mantra meditation is very useful to calm the mind.

• Mantra meditation is known to reduce stress.

• It helps in increasing focus and concentration.

• It helps with a greater sense of self awareness.

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