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Stop Watching Narcos on Netflix while Eating | Yoga of Eating

A few years ago, looking at a promotion by Netflix , I saw the series "Narcos". It was intensely gripping and made me sit tight on my couch for a few hours everyday till I completed watching all its seasons, a rare instance for someone like me who does not enjoy watching much of Television. At the end of the series, something most unexpected happened, I had a digestive disorder. I take exceptional care of my digestive system and I could not possibly understand why I should have had one. Upon deeper contemplation, I realized that the only reason that I could have had one was because of the effect of Narcos. Narcos has too much violence, drama, intense emotions and I have a very sensitive reactive system. A few months ago, I had a patient who was recuperating at a very slow pace and was repeatedly having digestive issues, the reasons for which I could not understand. One day, a thought came to me intuitively and I asked him whether he sees TV while eating and he replied in the affirmative. When I asked him what kind of programs he watches, he replied that currently he was enjoying "Narcos" while eating and via his reply, I got my answer. The Agni ie the Digestive fire not only digests the food but also digests every perception, experience, thought and emotion. Seeing TV while eating not only takes our attention away from our food, seeing action, drama, films with violence, intense emotions, horror scenes etc may also have a deep negative reaction on our mental well being digestion and overall health. All TV and gadgets stimulate us and must be avoided while eating. One must eat with mindfulness, eat in the company of loved ones, burn some soothing natural essential oils, listen to some light calming happy music while eating to support one's health and well being.

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