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Tips to Add Diversity to Your Diet | Yoga of Eating

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Here are some tips that may help you add diversity to your diet : Tip # 1 Have a new food ie a fruit of vegetable that you may not have eaten before Tip # 2 Have a Pot Luck party where you challenge your friends to each get diverse meals using Organic whole plant based ingredients which they have not used before including a new recipe Tip # 3 Replace your favourite staples with a Organic whole plantsbased health alternatives ie Zucchini noodles instead of pasta Tip # 4 Buy from the local Farmers Markets or the closest Farms. This will help with the purchase and consumption of the Organic , freshest, tastiest, seasonal and local produce Tip # 5 Learn cooking a diverse range of Whole plant based recipes via cooking classes Tip # 6 Try and eat as many organic Whole Plant based colorful foods, fruits and vegetables with every meal . Antioxidants and phyto chemicals contained in them do us loads of good. Tip # 7 Try and discover exciting and surprising ways to cook the same recipe ie replacing eggs in baking using Flaxseeds, Silken tofu , Baking soda & vinegar and even Bananas !!

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